This Buddhist monastery is situated on Malakand Road at a distance of about 10 kilometers from Mardan. It is on the top of a small mountain. By visiting this place one can judge the importance of this site and it reminds us the old history of the great Gandhara Art.

According to Dr. Spooner and Dr. Arl-Strain, it is a big treasury of Gandhara Art. The opinion is that a sudden fire broke out here and for this reason the sculptures remained preserved. Coins have also been recovered from this site.

The main attraction left now is the old huge wall. This is the only remains of this important site. The sculptures are in Peshawar Museum and may be in other Museums of the world.

The rest of the Monastery has been damaged by the people of the village due to the negligence of the authorities. The area on which this monastery was build is now totally inhabited by the villagers. This site is of great attraction and importance for the foreign visitors but sadly not for the villagers and the authorities.