Furniture in Mardan

The wood work in Mardan has been of a top quality for many years. Whether you want this for house, office, Hujra or your wedding, there is always good quality furniture available. The designs in the past can be considered as excellent pieces of antique furniture. The famous of these were Tawray (a long, high 4 legged storage cupboard), the red colour wedding bed (Palang) and Takhta Posh (wooden surface for praying).

The reason for the development of the furniture work is the availability of almost all kind of wood in Mardan. You can get a range of furniture, from a top quality expensive stuff to a cheap and affordable material. The wood makers are also busy working in Sheikh Maltoon Town, Hayat Abad and other housing schemes. You can get readymade or you can order any furniture design. There are small and some large factories in Mardan. These include Wood Co, Wood Peckers, Dewdar Furniture, Hoti Furniture and a few others.

If you are living abroad and are planning to visit Mardan then do not forget to have a look at the furniture. You may wish to order some furniture of your choice. It will certainly be of a high quality, brilliant design and less expensive. You will enjoy decorating your house with the furniture from your homeland.