Like other areas of Pakistan, pollution is the major problem. The reason is a log standing neglect of this sector and inability to implement a proper program to tackle pollution. As a result the Nature is dying in Mardan.

Flood Disaster in Mardan…Mardan once again in crisis……


By: Asif Jamil
pakistan-monsoon-rain-flood-68Mardan, which carries the population about more than 2.5 million and is the second large city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar of which about 70 percent of the inhabitants depends upon the agriculture lands. The Maze of water channels which flows from Swat River is a great asset to the lands of Mardan. But these water channels carry the dander of flood. After half decade – the flood disaster of 2006 – again the flood has caused huge destruction to Mardan and surrounding areas damaging human life livestock and social amenities. When the rain seized in the morning about 6:00 A.M the water level suddenly rose in all the channels which flows like a maze in the whole district Mardan and engulfed the nearby towns and villages. The most affected areas are shahbaz Ghari, Ghari Kapoora and Kalu Khan in Swabi. The rain caused huge destruction to livelihood and amenities. The mud houses in Gari Kapoora have been ruined and the people were compelled to evacuate the affected areas. The other less affected areas are Kot ( Ghari Kapoora) Batagram, ASmela and Newe Kele (Mardan). It is reported that 8 people and huge number of cattleā€™s have drown from village Galyara (union council Bashkhali, Mardan). Moreover about more than twenty children have drowned in Asmela village. Apart from it this unlikely fact should be assimilated that two bridges have been completely annihilated by the flood. One in Asmela and another in Kalu khan because of which the communication in most of villages is broken. The people from various villages have migrated to safer places leaving everything behind. The army and local police have reached in time for the assistance of the people. Apart from the government institution Al-Khidmat Foundation was also present there to assist the people.Those people who have migrated to various places in groups like Mohib Banda , Bobyat , Zando , Shewe Ada etc needs shelters medicine and food. The affected people should be provided with shelters basic medicine and food items. In the disaster of 2006 the affected people were completely ignored by government and the relief agencies. The bridges which were destroyed in the 2006 disaster haven’t been yet constructed. The school building especially which boundary walls have been fallen in the 2006 flood have been repaired and reconstructed. After the IDPs crisis – in which Mardan have fully assisted the people of Malakand Agency – Mardan has entered into the quagmire of flood crisis. The affected people should be assisted as soon as possible. They should be provided shelters, medicine, and food items. They should not be ignored like before. As they have taken part in the humanitarian relief and have made an example of brotherhood, it is justified that these people should be given relief.