The battle of Nowshera in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (now in Pakistan), which according to the locals there, was a final blow to the NWFP by Sikhs. After the fall of Nowshera the tribes of Hoti Mardan assembled under the leadership of Syed Khwaja Noor also known as Mian Khwaja Noor and Ghazi Baba to fight Sikhs. On the day of this skirmish across the Kalpani River running through Hoti Mardan the local tribes of an Lashkar Khel took money from Sikhs commanders. And when Ghazi Baba and his immediate friends went to the battle field in the morning, there was no fighter except them. At this moment the elders of Lashkar Khel came and told them as what has happened and that they should put their arms down as fighting the Sikhs was suicidal. However, Ghazi Baba and his friends fought bravely and lost their lives.

A legend runs that his head was chopped off and when he fell from his horse, he was holding his head in one hand and his sword in the other. His grave is near village Mohib Banda/Maob Banda a few kilometers away from Hoti Mardan across Kalpani River