Mardan and the areas close to Mardan has many historical sites.These are very attractive for Cultural Holiday Makers.Takhtbai, Rani Gut,Kashmir Smast,Shahbaz Garha are full of history Muhammad Usman Mardanvi was born on 1st February in 1971 in Mardan.

He got his early education locally and then he got the Master degrees in Archaeology and History from Peshawar University. He also has Certificate in Tourist Guide Services (Tourism) He took part in different explorations, surveys and excavations in collaboration with Mardan Museum. He is able to speak several national and international languages. If you are planning to visit Mardan or other tourist areas, he will be happy to take you around the great historical sites.

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Gandhara Cultural Heritage in Buner

Muhammad Usman Mardanvi

Like other parts of Gandhara Buner was also an important centre of Gandhara. The boundaries of Buner are adjacent to Swat,Mardan and Swabi districts which was once the hub of Buddhism.

There are many Buddhist stupas monasteries and other buildings of Gandhara Buddhist period which are dated 2nd century BC to 5th century AD.Some of archaeological sites have already been excavated and are excellent.

There is continued illegal digging by Antique Mafia in Chamla, Gokand, Bagh, Naranji hill, Malak Pur and few other places They are all above the law the local and provincial government are not able to stop them nor is any one arrested. They are well equipped with metal detectors and guns. Unfortunately in search of antiques, these treasure hunters have badly desolated some of excavated sites. If this illegal digging is continued, the rich cultural heritage sites will disappear for ever.

It is requested to the govt to take action against this Mafia. And save the great cultural heritage and tourist attraction sites of the Pukhtun land.

(Muhammad Usman Mardanvi is an Archaeologist & Expert on Gandhara art and Architecture).