Cultural heritage has a great historical significance. It represents the taste and theme of the time. The Guides Memorial Mardan also has a very relevant historical importance. It was built by the British in 1892 in memory of their soldiers who sacrificed their lives in defence of Queen’s Residency in Kabul on September 23rd 1879.

This historical memorial was built in the centre of Mardan city. It has three storey building. There is an opening arch in the centre of this memorial while on both sides are the stair cases.

There is an influence of Hindu temple on the ground structures, level with suspended leaves in well carved stone works, with marble stones, mouldings which not only support the building but secure it from earthquake shockwaves.The Gothic arches are the British Architect like seen in Churches. On the second floor there are open arches from where a major part of the surroundings is visible.On the third stage there are cupolas on each corner of this memorial. This is an Islamic architect.

Some of the history is already is already vanishing. Once there was the door of the gate of Jandul Fort (Dir) but it is not clear whether it has been stolen or has been taken to some other part of the country. There are historical cannons which were used against Umara Khan Jandul. He was the brave Afghan/Pushtun who resisted the invasion of British Army. According to some he is the Napoleon of the East.

here is even more history about this historical monument. But what is the point of discussing it as sadly due to the negligence of the government some parts of this memorial are damaged and broken. There are garbage bags, rubbish wastes and the place looks miserable.

On behalf of Mardan Foundation, we request the government to take a notice of the problem. The right move will be to hand over the management of Guides Memorial to the appropriate authorities. Alternatively an official involvement of local communities and organizations will be useful in the preservation of such historical buildings.