No Sui Gas in my village

I would like to draw the attention of the politicians, MPA,MNA and the CM to the uplift of my village.It is only 4 kilometer from Mardan but there is no gas and this is a big problem for the people of my village.Will anyone listen to me?

Mohammad Younas
Jandai Gujar Garhai

Problems of Sheikh Maltoon

By: Nadia Nizam

Being an old resident of Sheikh Maltoon the things which I want to come under observation of the high authorities of Mardan. And now it’s the time to improve it. When the town plan was introduced, it was promised to be a quality town place. But for many years people are facing so many problems and complaining continuously to the concerned authorities, but they are not giving much attention. So I found as a major platform for the voices of Sheikh maltoon town.

1. When the plots were allocated to the residents, money was separately extracted from it for the roads and extra maintenance of the town, but except the main roads in town, most of the streets are in a very bad position. All of them are not constructed, are broken like village streets, during rainfall none can go for a walk or even drive a car there. Where is all that money which was collected from the town residents?

2. There is no Entry and Exit system to and from the Main Road. As a result there is always a possibility of a traffic accident. In fact people have died in front of the town due to accidents.

3. Empty plots are full of garbage and useless things. What’s the role of municipal Committee, TMA and MDA which charge the residents every month? The result is smell, dirt, insects and mosquitoes. Pesticides are never used on these areas.

4. High rate of robbery cases and insecure people in the presence of Mardan police. People of those robbers are living between us, who gives all the information about the residents. Houses are rented to a stranger, who creates problems to their neighbours, also involved in robbery cases. The case of robbery happens and in the end police reaches which has no use.

5. Dirty water supply in the town, which causes many diseases and viral infections. For this reason some people have their own water tanks and generators. Why do they charge water bills? Where does that money go?

6. Recreational areas are not well maintained. Play areas for kids are so old, kids use broken swings and slides to play. Many grounds are empty, full of long grass in many sectors. There is no such place for women recreation so as a result they are bound to home gossips.

7. Private schools are opened in each street creating problem for the residents. There is no such rules for residential areas who ever comes and open a school, shop, salon, gym, tailor shop, bank etc. What type of town plan is this? Authorities should take a strong action against this act. It’s not a village and it’s a town place for civilized people.

8. Phone connections are poorly connected (half of the time its dead), People sitting in PTCL offices are not cooperative. For last few years I haven’t seen my phone to be in using its always dead.

9. The town is full of dogs, roaming like the kings. There should be a way to get rid of these dogs.

10. There are no arrangements for Taxi or Rickshaw stands. As a result these are parked on the main roads, especially in front of Mardan Medical Complex. There shall be proper Taxi stands.

At the moment I think it’s the most expensive property of Mardan. When it’s in this condition for so many years what can a person think of other places. Who is responsible for these problems? It’s such a small town and if it can not be maintained then what about a city or a country? I think Sheikh Maltoon Residents Committee shall be elected from the common residents who are devoted. And who really want this town to be an example for other places.

I am putting emphasize on this town and people because we are paying a lot to have a civilized living. And this is a voice of all in Sheikh Maltoon town.

Nadia Nizam writes: During my first visit to Mardan and near villages ,I was surprised to see the number of adds on the walls of houses,colleges and shops.I don’t understand this behaviour.Would the authorities think that there should be a strict action against this act? Is it possible that all of these be cleaned or painted? And  especially the candidates contesting the elections shall be ashamed of this act because they are claiming that they are doing a good job for Mardan.


Sheikh Maltoon is now changed. The roads are good.The lighting is better. The sewerage system and security has improved. It has the most clean environment in Mardan.

Thanks to the lady who highlighted the issues of Sheikh Maltoon.
Asim Khan.. December 2009

Sports Grounds

There is no other sport more popular in Mardan than cricket. And there is no doubt that Mardan has produced some of the best cricketers in the country. Younas Khan is currently included in the top ten batsmen of the world. His highest score of 267 not out will be remembered for a long time.
But what is happening to the development of cricket in Mardan? The population of the district is approaching 2 millions. The kids want to play cricket. And they play it in the streets. But the young talent is wasted. And the majority of good cricketers play for other districts like Abbottabad, Peshawar etc
Despite the love for cricket there is no world standard cricket stadium in Mardan. In the past the PCB Chairman Sheharyar Khan visited Mardan and made some promises but to no avail. The current PCB chairman Dr Nasim Ashraf, owes to the people of Mardan as his wife comes from Mardan. There are great expectations from him to take some solid steps to develop cricket in Mardan. The PCB is a rich organisation and is planning to build 29 new cricket stadiums throughout the country. Mardan deserves one world class stadium so the talent is not wasted. There will be some entertainment for the crowd. And more importantly the youth will be kept busy in healthy activities. A much needed demand of today’s challenging world.

Trafic Jam and Dirt

am a student of G.P.G.College Mardan.When I see the roads of Mardan, it makes me upset.There is always Traffic jams.The  rubbish is lying  out of the dust bins and huge number of flies fly around it.The TMA is sleeping in their offices.The authorities don’t care and do not know that it can affect our health.I request the TMA team to do their duty for what they are paid


Mardan Train

There is no doubt that Locomotives are considered as a cleaner alternative to trucks, Buses, coaches, cars and other road vehicles. It plays a vital role in movement system from cargo to local and cross-country destinations.
Whenever I travel from Mardan to Peshawar or in opposite direction towards Swat, in private or in public transport, the Mardan Rail track always attract my attention & cannot stop myself to discuss the Importance of this track with the person beside me. The Track is naturally placed and beautifully built along the roadside and is already connected to Nowshera and Peshawar. It has a good possibly to be connected to Swabi and swat.
The Rail track is of great importance to Mardan in many ways. If re-operated, even locally, will have many benefits: 1: Could decrease heavy and ugly traffic on roads towards Peshawar and Swat.

2. Most importantly could prevent the heavy loss of human lives due to Congested traffic and lack of driving awareness! And remember those who die are mostly young healthy individuals who have no illnesses.

3. Could play a vital role in transportation of local Goods and products (like fruit, vegetables, sugar etc) towards the mainstream and better Market on less price to the farmers and producers.

4. The rail solution offers more room and comfort. Passengers can read or write. The elderly and female passengers with kids will be at ease.

5. The average speed can be double as high in comparison to the bus, thus offering attractive journey times, less labour cost for the passenger mile, and better usage of equipment.

6. Last but not the least that Rail is environmentally friendly. It is a better solution to reduce pollution in a country like Pakistan where pollution is on the increase all the time.

Unfortunately the politicians, MNAs, MPAs and the well off people are asleep and no body has thought about the Train Service in Mardan. Perhaps they like to show off their Land cruisers and Pajeros and are interested to check the speed of their vehicles on the broken roads of Mardan. The irony is that the major Rail Engine Manufacturing Factory (Locomotive Pakistan) is located only 5 miles away from Mardan but there is no Rail service in Mardan. One wonders where are all the engines exported to and what is the future of Train in Mardan?

It is now the time for the local, provincial and central administration to give a positive consideration to the problem and re-open the rail track for the wider benefit of the people of Mardan. …………….G.Safi

Demolished Bridges

By: Yasir Ali

The River (Gudar) in Hoti Mardan is very historical. In the past people used to cross the river in boats or just walk across when the water was shallow. In the last 50 years a few bridges have been built over the river at different locations which made the life easier. The communication has been better. One of these bridges was in Gulai Gudar, near Bibi Abai in Hoti .Although it was mainly used by the pedestrians and cattle but was still doing good job.

The severe flood in August this year swept away the bridge. Only a couple of pillars have been left behind. The authorities have not decided whether the bridge will be built again or not. The local people with the help of the Nazim have bought a Boat which is doing the job and something is better than nothing.

The world is moving forward and the people of Hoti are pushed backwards because of the lack of resources or possibly the lack in understanding the problems of the community. There is great uncertainty amongst the people as no one has any idea about the reconstruction of the bridge.And moreover whose responsibility is it to construct the Bridge?

The people have no option but to go back to the Basics.

Drinking Water

By: Dr S M Sareer

There has been an increase in the cases of Gastro Enteritis (GE) in Mardan this summer. While hot weather plays a part, the most important thing is contamination of drinking water and food. The reasons specifically related to Mardan are:

1. There is no proper water purification system in place

2. The water supply pipes go side by side with the gas and sewerage pipes. As a result there is a danger of leakage from one system into another system

3. The pipes are prone to damage in summer because of heavy rains and flooding

4. The sewerage system in Mardan is almost non-existing. The main drain is Kalpani and unfortunately some poor people may use the Kalpani water for drinking.

5. The huge number of insects and flies in hot weather is a further source of contamination.

While it is the responsibility of the government to provide clean drinking water and proper sewerage system, the people need to be aware of the methods used for cleaning the water. Bottle Water and Water Filters are good but the poor people can not afford these and therefore they have to rely on simple things. The most important of these is to boil the water, cool it, store it and then drink it. In this way drinking Boiled water can reduce the diseases. It is a simple and affordable method.

Internet Cafe

By: Aziz ur Rehman

Technology if used properly can build a nation. Internet is the most useful tool in this day and age. It can provide information from every corner of the world. It can bring education, awareness and prosperity. But unfortunately the same technology can bring the downfall if used inappropriately.

I am a student from Mardan. I have seen many cities of our sweet homeland but not a single city can match Mardan. Its culture and environment is great. Here I have observed that people respect each other, like each other and they have so many other valuable qualities.

But recently I have found one thing which is very dangerous and is destroying our young generation. This is the misuse of “INTERNET” in “INTERNET CAFES”. I have seen a good number of internet cafes and I feel that every one who uses the net is well aware of the fact that what is going on in these cafes.

If we observe the activities of these cafes closely we will find that these affect the character of many individuals and particularly the innocent students who can not quantify these ill effects. Gradually they destroy their careers, become a headache for the parents and the society as a whole. I don’t have words to explain the effects of these things.

Whose Responsibility is it to stop this nuisance?

It is a difficult problem to control but the law and order makers can play some role.

1. Every net cafe should put computers in open. They shall not make hidden rooms.

2. Every net cafe must be run by an educated person and internet qualified individual.

3. Net Cafe administrator must identify users.

4. A written warning about the misuse of internet shall be displayed in the café.

5. A written warning about the misuse of internet shall be displayed in the café.

6. The administrator shall promote some positive awareness among the people.

After all education and awareness is the most important tool to stop the misuse of the internet.