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Famous Singer Qamro Jan Appeal

This famous singer of her time is living a miserable life as result of poverty. Her house is a small piece of land surrounded by old muddy walls and no living facilities. One is ashamed of seeing such a poverty stricken house in the 21st century. She is also unable to pay the rent. Qamro Jan was awarded by the Pakistan government for her performance and she was given the excellence award in 1999-2000 Although it is a big achievement for her and she has enjoyed receiving the award but in fact it is no more than a piece of metal. This is not going to bring an end to her miseries. She is becoming poorer and poorer day by day. She deserves strong financial support not only from the provincial but from the central government. The authorities and in particular the ministry of culture shall consider themselves responsible for looking after people like Qamro Jan. is pleased to announce that in response to our previous publication about Qamro Jan, a public support for such artists has grown and to some extent we have been successful in conveying our message. Moreover Qamro Jan has been awarded a certificate by the friends of along with a cash prize of 5000 rupees. Also the friends of have decided to pay her house rent for two years, from January 2006.We request other friends to come forward and join us in this good cause. We need to support the ones who supported our culture and language.